This is a stripped back version of the sole trader package and is perfect if you don't want the quarterly updates or accounts. It's ideal for someone who's currently employed and is just starting out doing a bit of freelance on the side.

But I can do my own self assessment

You certainly can, after all the clue is in the name! Whilst you're likely to do a good enough job, how much extra tax are you paying as a result of just not knowing everthing that's possible? On average I reduce people's tax bill by £500, and the most I've saved someone is £14,000! This isn't by doing anything dodgy, that's not how I roll, just simply knowing what can be deducted and making sure that they're using the right approach for them.

How it works

Your record your income and expenditure, ideally using Xero although I can provide a spreadsheet template if necessary, and I use this (together with any additional information such as any employment) to prepare your self assessment.

What you get

From just £25 plus VAT per month you get:

  • Report showing a breakdown of your income and expenditure for the year, including how much profit you've made
  • Self assessment tax return (there may be an additional cost if you require more than one section to be completed)
  • Email support
  • Spreadsheet template for recording your income and expenses

Your commitment

Keeping on top of your bookkeeping is best done in small regular chunks. Ideally you'd spend a little bit of time each week, but as a minimum I suggest updating Xero or your spreadsheet at least quarterly. This means that you'll have a really good understanding of how your business is doing. You also commit to handing things over to me by the end of June for the previous tax year.

How to sign up

If this all sounds interesting, book a time below and we'll have a chat to discuss your needs.

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Emma is a really professional, skilful and proactive bookkeeper/accountant. Since I started working with her I feel more confident and secure with my business finances. Emma not only helped with organising my bookkeeping efficiently, preparing my self-assessment for my tax return, but also provides invaluable support of day-to-day running of my business. I really enjoy working with Emma and I'd highly recommend her services to everyone!

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