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Hi there. I'm Emma and I demystify accounts (as well as making sure everything is up to date and accurate) so that you can concentrate on providing the best service to your clients and building your business. No more fighting with a spreadsheet the day before a tax return is due.

I know this will sound unbelievable, because what kind of child wants this, but I wanted to be an accountant from quite a young age. Although I think what I actually wanted was a calculator that printed, like the one my dad would sometimes bring home from work.

Circumstances instead led me to a career in higher education administration, but when I started to experience burnout I knew there was only one thing I wanted to do. I decided to retrain and started working in the finance team of a fast growing medical communications consultancy, where I later became Finance Manager.

One thing was missing though, as the company grew much larger I realised that what I enjoyed and missed was the conversations about different aspects of the business, not just the day-to-day number crunching. I wanted to be able to play a bigger part in helping business owner's achieve their goals.

One thing that often prevents businesses from being as successful as they could/should be is the numbers side. "I'm not good with maths" is something I hear all the time, but you don't need to be. You just need someone on your side who's able to explain the numbers to you. So I set up The Number Ninja to be that guiding hand for small and mighty businesses who have big dreams.

I still don't have a printing calculator though...maybe one day!

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