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Last week saw me take my final calls of the summer with two clients who both take August off from their businesses. Both calls involved agreeing what we'd be looking after while they take a step back, and what their priorities will be when they get back. We effectively act as a finance team for them, so invoicing and paying freelancers, etc. can all still happen while they take a complete break.

A month off each year is the goal for lots of business owners I speak with. But for others it's not concentrated time off they're looking for, but regular time off for travel, or a 4 day week so they can explore other interests. Freedom to work when they want is a theme that runs right across all of our clients.

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It requires planning though. You're unlikely to just wake up one day with a business that works exactly how you want it to. As well as putting a plan in place for your client work, you also need to think about the financial side of things too. That's where a bookkeeper comes in. They can save you time, money, and stress. As well as helping you to build the freedom you want into your business model.

A good bookkeeper helps you stay on track with your finances

Regular bookkeeping is important, even if you think of yourself as just a small business. I'd argue that it's even more important for small businesses, particularly if you're a company of one and scaling. Your bookkeeping is the foundation for monitoring your sales, expenses and profits, but also your cash flow and your progress against your goals.

Hiring a bookkeeper means that your finances are being monitored even when you're not working. Freelancers to pay? VAT return to submit? Payment plans to keep an eye on for failed payments? All things that a bookkeeper can deal with for you. They can also identify spending patterns or potential problems with cash flow and help you budget accordingly.

A good bookkeeper provides valuable business advice

We're business owners too, we understand the challenges and can relate to your goals. A good bookkeeper can you help you to identify areas where you can save money, make suggestions for increasing sales, and help identify potential problems (or opportunities) in your cash flow. The peace of mind of all of having that expert eye on your finances even while you've stepped away for a month is invaluable.

A good bookkeeper helps you prioritise your workload

If you choose to work just 11 months of the year, or a 4 day week, your working time is even more precious. Having someone in your corner who is picking up all of the finance side of things means that when you're working you're spending your time growing your business. In the same way that you might bring in someone to edit your podcast, or manage your community, we slot into your team and manage the numbers.

A good bookkeeper saves you time and money

Expanding your support team might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to ways of saving money, but bear with me. Yes, you'll be paying someone else to do work you've previously been doing yourself, but not having those tasks on your to do list means that you're freeing up your time to do what you're actually meant to be doing in your business. It's a much better return on your time investment to spend that time scaling your business, or recharging your batteries.

A bookkeeper is for life, not just for summer!

Hiring a bookkeeper isn't just a good move for your month off, it's a great move for the life of your business. It allows you to focus on what you really need to do as a business owner and take a break while everything financial happens smoothly behind the scenes.

If you'd like to talk to me about how we work with people like you who want to build more freedom into their businesses, get in touch for a no-obligation introductory call.