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You might have been in practice for a while and are looking to reduce the amount of time you spend on things. Or maybe you want to know how to make full use of all the different software you keep hearing about. In this hour we'll look at your processes and identify where improvements can be made. Implementing a piece of software or making a tweak to a process can make a huge difference. Introductory price of £99 inclusive of VAT.

Each power hour is different, as it's completely driven by you and your needs. Below are some of the things you might want to use it for:

  • Working on your client onboarding process
  • Learning how to incorporte Zapier into your business
  • New to Mac and wanting to fully utilise the productivity benefits it can bring

Sessions are held via video call and will be recorded so that you have a copy to refer back to.

Headshot of Emma James, The Number Ninja

I'm Emma and I've built The Number Ninja as a fully remote and digital practice. From the beginning I utilised software and automation to help me get the most out of the number of hours I wanted to work. Having experience burn out previously, I knew I didn't want to work long hours or evenings and weekends. Automating as much as I can means that I can spend my time concentrating on helping my clients achieve their business goals, rather than on menial tasks.

Emma James The Number Ninja